About Us


Los Angelitos Orphanage is a children’s home that provides underprivileged children the opportunity to experience secure living conditions, nurtured upbringing, schooling, and a pleasant family life. All are either orphans or abandoned children that would otherwise be living on the streets of Tijuana.

We are a secure orphanage located in the rural south Tijuana area with a second location in urban Tijuana. We primarily serve children that are under the jurisdiction of the Mexican Government (Ward of the Court, DIF). We have been in operation for thirteen years and currently have children ranging in age from 1 year to 21 years old with several in college. We are adding children as your generosity permits.

There are many children desperately waiting to be accepted into this orphanage, and we have room for about fifty, unfortunately we are unable to accept more children until sufficient sponsorships are received to cover expenses for food, childcare, and other everyday expenditures.

You are welcome to be part of this orphanage, and the blessing of your sponsorship will allow an additional child to enter into this home. Your financial aid is a lifesaving gift to the child and a cherished contribution to humanity.


Los Angelitos Orphanage was founded on September 13, 2003 by Norma Angelica Contreras and Edward Perry. Inspiration for the name “Los Angelitos” was derived from the name “Angelica.”

Both Norma Angelica and Edward had served many years at various orphanages in the Tijuana area and had recognized that there was a need for a children’s home that would do more than just get underprivileged children off the streets; more than just an austere institution to provide food and shelter. They both had a dream to create a living environment with a family-like atmosphere where the children’s needs and desires would be first order of importance, where the children would be given an opportunity to grow and flourish, to become educated, to gain self-confidence and self-respect, and to be given an opportunity to learn the teachings of the Holy Bible and grow in the Gospel.

The concepts for the ministry had been planned but the realization of the mission needed an igniting spark. That spark emerged when word that five little sisters were abandoned by their mother and were living under dreadful conditions in a deserted shack with no running water, no toilet, and very little food. The commitment was then made to immediately start an orphanage and come to the rescue of these desperate children. Shortly afterwards a 12-year old girl that had been living alone in a trailer was also taken in. Days later, a 7 year-old orphan was accepted into the home. Within a short period, several other girls were added to the family.

The Mexican Government, Department of Social Services (DIF), was notified of the new orphanage and quickly approved and registered the facility. Within several days DIF added five more girls bringing the total to 14 at the home. Consequently, the main residence became the girl’s dormitory and the home unintentionally developed into an all girl’s orphanage.

Los Angelitos Orphanage has continued to grow and now houses over 30 well-behaved, responsible and happy children.